Prof Chris Perry
Brisbane, Australia

“I am an Otolaryngologist Head and Neck Surgeon from Brisbane, Australia. I have been attending the Upover Downunder Otolaryngology Ski meeting in Vale Di Dassa for fifteen years. I go there because it is an excellent academic programme. It is put together by Emeritus Professor William (Bill) Coman, from the University of Queensland. Bill has many contacts throughout Otolaryngology academia in Europe, the UK, the United States and in the Asia Pacific region.

We have had many fellows coming to our hospitals in Brisbane for postgraduate training in various aspects of Otolaryngology. Many of these are the programme speakers at our meeting. They are generally self-selected at being highly motivated individuals who travel to Australia for a year or two for further postgraduate training in the areas of expertise so that they can obtain the world class units within Australia. Therefore the academic programme is excellent.

“The faculty is very diverse. About half of the attendees come from Australia but more than half of the presenters are from North America and Europe. We have head of departments in Neurosurgery and ENT from Sweden, Germany, Italy and the UK. We have had prominent academic ENT surgeons from the United States including heads of large university academic departments.

The education experience is superb. People come off the snow early and in a collegiate atmosphere exchange ideas and giving papers and presentations which they often have not given before. They bounce ideas off the group and in this relaxed atmosphere you get more critique of your papers with good feedback. Because the papers are state of the art, people who attend the meeting do go to all of the sessions.

The conference is held at the La Cacciatora Hotel in Cannazai. It was previously in the hotel Medil in Campitello but unfortunately the hotel Medil could not keep up with new trends in high quality accommodation. The food at the La Cacciatora is Michelin standard quality. The hotel is clean, the wine list is excellent and the staff are incredibly efficient. The hotel is sited about 80m from two large cable cars that can take 100 people 900m vertically in the air in two separate directions on the world famous Sellaronda ski fields – the largest ski fields in the world.

There are great opportunities for skiing. There are great opportunities for a sponsor to interact with the surgeons, who are by their nature very prominent and energetic people. It is very much a meeting worth attending. I hope you as sponsors find this meeting something which is worthwhile being involved with.”

Dr Paul Allison
Brisbane, Australia

“I have been fortunate enough to attend a number of the conferences in Canazei, held each January.

This meeting has always been the highlight of my yearly academic program. The informal nature of the meeting means that guest speakers are encouraged to present papers that are practical in nature and can expect a vigorous discussion. The diversity of the faculty with guest speakers from throughout Europe and USA allows me an insight into my own practice here in Australia.”

“There is also the ability to take discussions further, over meals and during the day. This is not available at any other conference that I have supported. La Caccitora Hotel, where the conference is held, is an outstanding venue, both at the academic program and for the ability it gives us to socialize and mix with our fellow ENT Surgeons and their partners.

I am sure that any potential sponsor would gain very positive feedback along with the ability to present their message to so many international centres and hospitals.”

Dr David McGahey
London, United Kindom

As a member of the Upover – Downunder team for some 13 or is it 14 years I feel I must write to congratulate you on such an extraordinary meeting.To combine a week in such magnificent surroundings, with a excellent academic meeting of minds is exceptional. The sense of camaraderie is not present at any other meeting I have attended. 

Egos are set aside, the discussions around difficult cases and our surgical failures are excellent, let’s face it , who wants to hear about how thousands of cases were handled brilliantly. What a bore ! We all get it wrong sometimes! It’s our shared knowledge of how to recognise and avoid problems that is invaluable.

The international nature of the meeting adds a much broader flavour. It’s great to see how other nationalities have similar issues with our various employers and healthcare providers.

Now on to the skiing, well this is where I learned to Ski , I’ve now taken my family back , they’ve skied all over Europe and the Val di Fassa is their favourite , best hospitality and food, best skiing and best welcome !

Long may it continue!

Prof Gregory V. Osetinsky
Kentuckey, USA

“For the past 5 years I have attended the meeting despite the availability of many closer meetings in the US.The Otolaryngologists who attend this Upover-Downunder ENT meeting are intellectually honest, clinically provocative, thoroughly immersed in furthering the science of medicine.

After attending medical conferences for the past 37 years, it is easily the most interactive series that I have ever attended.”

Prof Christian Betz
Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany
“For years, the International ENT ski meeting in the dolomites has been a highlight in my life. The setting is gorgeous and the landscape is breathtaking, but what is most, the atmosphere within the group of attendants is just outstanding. It feels like being together with a large group of dear friends from different countries, who share their opinions and expertise with each other on a very friendly yet highly professional level. Each year I get back from these meetings with my head full of new ideas and insights into ORL-related topics.”

Review Upover Downunder 2018

The Up Over Down Under Meeting was held again at the beautiful Hotel La Cacciatora in Canazei Italy. It was a beautiful scene where old and new friends came together for the specialty of ENT. The academic program for the meeting was excellent due to the willingness of attendees to present papers and participate in discussions. It was clear from this meeting that the growing science and art of rhinologic surgery is now occupying a position in our specialty which used to be held by otology. However, we had a good balance of all aspects of our specialty with wonderful papers and discussions. Thanks are due to all those delegates who participated in the academic program. This year we had some interesting and valuable lessons in medical history. Doctor Andrew Swift’s presentations need to be singled out for their excellence and appropriateness. Continue reading “Review Upover Downunder 2018”

Review Upover Downunder 2017

The 2017 meeting was a wonderful success and probably one of the best meetings we have held. The academic program for this meeting was excellent with a good balance across all areas of ENT and some interesting presentations added to the sessions.

I would like to thank all those delegates who contributed to the academic sessions this year; the content and quality of your presentations was impressive and of exceptional value to the success of this meeting. As well, I would like to thank all the delegates who attended this year – you make this meeting very special and I hope that you enjoyed your experience in this amazing part of the world.

Academic Papers

The Academic Committee awarded the prize for the Best Paper to Dr James Bates, UK. The title of James’ paper was: The Guinea-Pig Club

This was the story of the great fathers’ of plastic surgery from New Zealand, Sir Archibald McEndoe and Sir Harold Gillies and the extraordinary work they did on repairing the burned faces and other body parts of the Airmen who were shot down during the Second World War. The research which was conducted by James illustrated not only the meticulous surgical repairs but also the personalities of both doctors and staff who dealt with these severely damaged airmen and helped restore them to normality.

James is to be commended for the material which he has uncovered for this presentation and for highlighting some of the great surgical works of past surgeons.


The ski pistes were well groomed and all those who participated were impressed with the quality of the skiing. Unfortunately there were a few minor injuries that present with the sport sometimes. Colin Brown from New Zealand took out the award for Best Male Stack with an impressive rugby type slide tackle into a rock with the rock winning. I hope you have recovered from your injuries Colin!

Colin was fortunate to have an expert opinion regarding his shoulder injury from Dr. Hannan Mullett, renowned Dublin shoulder surgeon who was also attending the meeting. Thank you Hannan.

Drama on the Gondola

A special award is to be provided in 2018 for acts of Heroism in the Field. This year three of our delegates; Dave McGahey, Richard and Susie Vowles were trapped in a cable car which had broken down and between them they stopped the car from tipping out the other79 skiers on the gondola by strategically balancing their weight throughout the cabin.

Such personal sacrifice and bravery did not go un-noticed and they were hailed as Heroes of the Dolomites. It should be noted that Dave McGahey was the last skier to abseil out of the gondola to safety, graciously insisting that the other passengers abseil first! Further to the successful evacuation of skiers from the cable car, the co mpany generously offered them a free season’s ski pass, however unfortunately these brave medicos’ had to return home soon after this event and were unable to take advantage of this offer.

15th Anniversary Book – Professor Andreas Leunig

Andreas Leunig has offered to put together a 15th Anniversary book to commemorate 15 successful years of this meeting. He has requested that if you have any interesting photos that he could use for this book could you please forward them to him at: info@aleunig.de

This book will be available for purchase at the January meeting. If you are unable to attend the meeting and would like a copy please contact Andreas or Jean so that your copy can be ordered.

The 2018 meeting looks as though it will be as exciting and successful as always and we look forward to meeting you there. As suggested previously, in order to secure your room at La Cacciatora please send your booking form in ASAP.

See you in Canazei,
Bill Coman

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